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Audi Update Software Cd V 5570 Mmi 2g High A6 4f TOP Download [PORTABLE]l

Each MMI 2G software update brought stability and performance fixes for bluetooth, GPS navigation, amplifier, radio & TV tuner. Also some new features were introduced with Audi Multi Media Interface updates, like GPS map 3D view from software version no. 3460.

Audi Update Software Cd V 5570 Mmi 2g High A6 4f TOP Downloadl

Perform the update procedure twice using CD2.You have to do it twice since first update procedure will erase bluetooth device memory. it will actually install new software the second time you run CD2 update.

HI Great instructionsI have A6 2008 V8 with 2G high MMI, Nav, Bluetooth, rear view camera, CD changer and AMI. The problem is that my CD changer is not working anymore so I am not able to use the CDs for upgrade. I do have VSDC software and ODB2 cable.Is it possible to do the upgrade using ODB2 or through connecting a USB flash to the AMIAny help would be appreciated.

Hey i have a 2005 a6 4.2 my current software is 1070 what are my steps to upgrade to 5570 ? also i wanna configureMy aux input my car has factory bose with out the back up camera how much do the update cds cost

Yes it is for Low Basic. It written on the Cd cover. -accessories/oem-integration-and-retrofit/audi_2751/a6-s6-rs6-c6-typ-4f-2005-2011_3281/original-audi-mmi-2g-basic-low-update-for-a4-a5-a6-a8-q7-5570

I have an Audi A6 (2006). I updated MMI to version 5570 a while ago and all worked well. I had AMI retrofitted recently. I do not know which version AMI the software is. I have an iPod touch (5th gen) and attach it using an Audi 30 pin cable (4F0051510AG) and an Apple lightning adapter.

My car is audi a8 d3 2003 with mmi version 0770 . All i want is to enable audi optical parking .I have changed the parking module to version D which support optical display and coded the module to 02xxxxx but still no optical display when i put in reverse just acoustic. I dont want to update the mmi to 5150 as worry that it will damage the mmi. Is there any other way to enable the optical display Thanks

Thanks for the speedy reply. Yes I had my phone with your tutorial in the car with me and was frightened to get out in case any electrical interference! It may be my slot 1 cd as I have the owner manual cd and a couple of times it says no cd inserted when it had been. Having said that when I went through the tutorial it recognised the cd rom and got to the point where display said software update do not use electric stuff (or words to that effect).

I updated my audi a6 2006, but i used the 2nd cd only one time, now bluetooth aint working anymore, i tried to repeat the update again, but now even with cd 1 the update doesnt start. i tried by removing the battery for 15 mins but still same, any suggestion? Thanks!

Great site. Just bought Audi A6 2007 which has MMI 2G High and which is running version 4220. There is no Bluetooth. I am considering having the Fiscon BT kit fitted. What is the best order? Fit Fiscon then do software update? Or update to 5150, then fit Fiscon, then do BT update on CD2 and finally CD3? Is there a risk that updates could cause Fiscon to fall over?

hi mr fixitI have Audi A* 2006, with MMI 2g high, bluetooth etc. and factory prep phone installation. Will this update enable full bluetooth connectivity with current smartphones? i.e. Addressbook, call history, music play etc

I need to update the software in my Audi A4 (2007) to MMI 2G version 5570 and want to check which disc I need to get. The current version I have is:SW: 0600HW: H99Map: 8P0919884_R_EUWAre you able to offer any advice please? 350c69d7ab


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