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Richard Belousov
Richard Belousov

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Vectric Academy is a convenient solution to help you get started with 3D computer aided design and for creating and animating realistic, full-color clay models. Vectric Academy provides you complete software tools to create amazing 3D models, figures and animation. The software is comprised of three tools:

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With this tool you can build, sculpt and animate your 3D objects. You can adjust the render settings, add a new material and use the rotation and scale functions to move and change the size of your object. Vectric Academy helps you to create your artwork by modeling, sculpting, painting and animating your objects.

This tool allows you to create animated 3D figures, creatures or figures. You can import your figure in pre-production mode to create and customize the pose and animation. It allows you to add animation curves to the figure, adjust the difficulty level of the figure, you can quickly edit and preview your animation. If you find it difficult to create a 3D animated figure, then Vectric Academy allows you to quickly create a 3D character to customize your animated figure. This tool helps you create and design your figure.

Vectric Design 5 can create 3D objects and figures with any kind of 3D modeling and layout methods. Vectric Design 5 will allow you to create your artwork by modeling, sculpting, painting and animating your figures. Using a collaborative environment, you can share your models or figures with others, or even work in the collaborative team and contribute to the same 3D Model. Thanks to a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, you will be able to create, sculpt and paint figures or create and mix materials for your figures. Vectric Design 5 gives you access to various tools to create your 3D figures and objects.


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